Poet For The Sage

The poet is to a sage, how a philosopher feels inside a maze.  My experience in life leads me to share in stories and rhymes, everything I’ve learned in my unconventional times. 

In touch, and with IT.  There’s not much I don’t get.  A style uniquely mine, I revel in writing interesting content you will find.

I can relate to those who you seek to woo.  I can touch their hearts and affect their minds too.

Rhyming is a fun way for me to express and idea. It’s not my only style though, I can write professional to enhance my career.

I’m savvy and knowledgeable on almost any topic.  No one could ever accuse me of being myopic.

I really do hope you see my worth and value as a writer.  At the very least, I’ve tried to make your day brighter.



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